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Ananas Ka Muzaaffar

Ingredients :

Boiled rice                               125 gms
Sugar                                       250 gms
Nutmeg                                   a pinch
Lemon juice                             10 ml
Saffron                                     1/2 gms
Pineapple essence                    2 drops
Green cardamom                     3 nos
Cloves                                     3 nos
Yellow colour                          3 drops
Pineapple ring                         1 no
Ghee                                      30 gms

Method :

1. Soak rice.
2. Boil sugar with 75 ml of water. Add nutmeg and lemon juice. Cook till syrup becomes thick. Add saffron and pineapple essence and stir well.
3. Pound the cardamom and cut pineapple ring in pieces.
4. Add rice to boiling water (600 ml) along with cardamom, cloves and yellow colour.
5. When rice is 3/4 cooked, drain the excess water.
6. Heat the syrup and add the cooked rice. Remove from flame when the syrup starts boiling. Add the pineapple pieces.
7. Transfer the mixture to an earthen ware or handi seal it and put it in the oven at 300 degrees for half hour.
8. Remove the seal and pour the ghee evenly over the rice.
9. Serve hot.
10. Enjoy!

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